The search for a job continues.

So far the best experience has to be: applying to hold a sign and wear a styrofoam costume of the Statue Of Liberty outside a tax firm, and being turned down. I was polite, e-mailed a sparkling resume with references and talked to tax-man Rick about my enthusiastic athleticism, what a waste of breath. Nothing makes you feel good about unemployment like being told “No, you’re not good enough to hold a sign.” When I drove by later they had a 240+ pound man in a tank top dancing and swinging a “File Your Taxes Today!” sign like some bosomed marching band baton twirler, good one Rick, that’s really going to set-off a stampede of customers.
I have almost every job available on Craigslist memorized at this point in addition to a mental map of every business within 10 miles that’s hiring, I wonder if there’s a way to just make money from that.

Today’s Coffee: 24oz Chai Latte – I have a hummingbird for a heartbeat.