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I’ve been working in the bike shop since August now and I am so happy with it!

It rocks entirely to spend your day outfitting people with bike gear, introducing them to cycling and hopefully because my job won’t leave me in total despair curled up in a ball clutching my kitten at the end of the day, I’ll have more time for blogging and stay true to the greener path.

Plus I get sweeet discounts and am finally gonna get hooked up with a ‘cross bike.

Life is a cupcake, eat the frosting first.


The search for a job continues.

So far the best experience has to be: applying to hold a sign and wear a styrofoam costume of the Statue Of Liberty outside a tax firm, and being turned down. I was polite, e-mailed a sparkling resume with references and talked to tax-man Rick about my enthusiastic athleticism, what a waste of breath. Nothing makes you feel good about unemployment like being told “No, you’re not good enough to hold a sign.” When I drove by later they had a 240+ pound man in a tank top dancing and swinging a “File Your Taxes Today!” sign like some bosomed marching band baton twirler, good one Rick, that’s really going to set-off a stampede of customers.
I have almost every job available on Craigslist memorized at this point in addition to a mental map of every business within 10 miles that’s hiring, I wonder if there’s a way to just make money from that.

Today’s Coffee: 24oz Chai Latte – I have a hummingbird for a heartbeat.

Thoughts on be laid off from the tech conglomerate with whom I signed a non-disclosure agreement:

(a hint: they have their logo smeared on almost every pc and [some macs] in existance, and they use blue letters)

1. You guys suck.

2. Instead of blaiming your interns for your ineptitude you should actually come in to work, find and then sit in your cubicle; all that stuff piled on the desk-like object in front of you is the work you’re not doing.

3. I won’t miss listening to you gossip and dog on every individual not within ear shot, and just so you know I was always within hearing range.

4. Oh yeah… firing someone over a voicemail after they’ve left for the day is spineless, not suprising coming from you but still spineless. No I will not come in later with a security escort to pick up my things, why don’t you go eat a hamburger and choke on a cow —-.